Kintetsu Railway’s Blue Symphony

Kintetsu Blue Symphony

Kintetsu Railway’s Blue Symphony is a tourist train that operates in the Nara Prefecture. Travelling between Osaka-Abenobashi Station and Yoshino Station twice a day except on Wednesdays, the train is one of the newer tourist services in Japan and is becoming quite popular.

There are three cars on the train, with car one and three of this luxury train being beautifully appointed with wide green velour seats with twin seats on one side and a single seat on the other. Several of the double seats are arranged facing one another to make them ideal for parties of four, there is even a large table in between for the comfort of the guests. The cabin is furnished with luxurious curtains, carpet and lovely decor.

The middle car, cabin number 2 is the lounge car. This car has luxurious lounge seating for 20 guests. The car has a large bar where draft beer and a wide range of drinks, snacks and light meals can be purchased including many local specialties. The train prides itself on using wines and ingredients from farms, sake breweries and vineyards found along the route. The cabin is richly appointed with timber, brass and leather.

The carriages of the train are a remodeled and refurbished 6200 series electric train, painted in a rich dark blue with elegant golden features. The 6200 series trains have typically run commuter services on Kintetsu’s rail network since 1974, making the Blue Symphony’s luxury overhaul a striking departure from the rest of the 6200 series.

The fare for using the Blue Symphony when the service started in the Autumn of 2016 was a 970 Yen premium over the regular service.

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