Odaiba’s Giant Gundam Robot

Diver City Gundam

Visitors to Odaiba’s Diver City shopping complex are confronted by a giant full size statue of popular anime robot Gundam RX-78-2 who guards the entrance of the centre. The incredible statue stands 18 metres tall.

At night the statue lights and his head turns and chest vents steam then a huge 32 x 11 metre video wall forms a backdrop with some spectacular effects. The statue was built as part of the celebration of the character’s 30th anniversary in 2009. After spending time at several locations he was erected at diver city in 2012.

Diver City houses the Gundam Front Tokyo, an activity and hobby centre where people can experience the latest technology including 3D printing and injection moulding machines to create Gundam models. This fascinating centre is popular with young and old where you can make and assemble incredible and unique models. The centre has a large gift shop full of exclusive items, a museum plus several activity zones with the highlight being an amazing 360 degree theatre called the Dome G. Also at the Diver City complex is a Gundam Cafe, that is more of a takeaway restaurant unlike the Akihabara Gundam Cafe that has the full sit down themed experience.

Did You Know?

Only in Japan

blue octopus

If you think this guy is odd wait till you see his pink friend.