Getting Around

Getting Around

Getting Around

Getting around Japan is fortunately pretty easy, there are 127 million people living on this small island nation and to avoid them all buying cars…

JR Train

Japan Rail Pass

The Japan Rail Pass is a popular purchase for many visitors planning to travel around Japan and can save quite a few dollars, but the…

Japanese Taxi


In all centres of Japan, especially around major railways, there is no shortage of taxis when you need one. The taxi is usually a Toyota…

Japanese Suburban Train

Local Trains and Subway

One of the best ways for any tourist to get around Japanese cities is by train. The local trains are fast, efficient and always on…

Tokyo Bus


Catching a city bus in Japan can be confusing for any non Japanese speaking person. As the bus system is mainly used by locals, all of the…

Shinkansen Bullet Train

Japan is well known for the world’s most efficient and convenient rail service. The Shinkansen or Bullet Train is the jewel in Japan’s rail crown….

Only in Japan

blue octopus

If you think this guy is odd wait till you see his pink friend.