Diver City Gundam

Odaiba’s Giant Gundam Robot

Visitors to Odaiba’s Diver City shopping complex are confronted by a giant full size statue of popular anime robot Gundam RX-78-2 who guards the entrance…



Odaiba is a large man made island in Tokyo Bay; originally constructed during the Edo period as a fortress, the once derelict site has been…

Odaiba Gundam Robot

Odaiba Map

Below is a map of Odaiba with its attractions numbered, one of the best ways to get to Odaiba is via the Yurikamome line train….


About Odaiba

Odaiba, or sometimes known as just Daiba, is a large artificial island in the middle of Tokyo Bay reached by the Rainbow Bridge. Constructed in…

Odaiba Shopping

Odaiba Shopping

Odaiba is a great place to shop as there is something for everyone. The kids can spend some time in the amusement arcades. The guys…

Tokyo statue of liberty

Other Odaiba Highlights

Odaiba is a suburb that is almost like a theme park. The area has been in development since the mid 1980s and is home to…

Tokyo Miraikan Museum

Miraikan – Emerging Science Museum

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation or Miraikan as it is better known, is a fascinating, high-tech interactive museum showcasing Japan’s lead in…

Tokyo Maritime Museum

Museum of Maritime Science

The Museum of Maritime Science or Fune-no-Kagakukan as it is known, is everything nautical, the building is even shaped like a giant ship. There are…

Tokyo Fuji TV Building

Fuji TV Building

The headquarters of Fuji TV is one of the most striking buildings in all of Japan. The buildings major focal point is a futuristic metallic clad building featuring a massive silver ball 32 metres in diameter protruding out of the upper floors of building.

Tokyo Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

The 918 metre long suspended Rainbow Bridge links the futuristic leisure town of Odaiba with the Tokyo Waterfront, crossing Tokyo Bay underneath. Named after the…