Golden Gai

Golden Gai

Golden Gai is one of the hidden treasures, rich in heritage and one of the few places in Tokyo where you can get a feel…

Shinjuku skyline


Shinjuku is a large business, entertainment and shopping district and is home to most of Tokyo’s Skyscrapers, with so many people working or visiting the…

Tokyo Government Center

Shinjuku Map

Below is a Map of Shinjuku with the major attractions numbered. You will note the huge Shinjuku station in the centre of the map, its…

A Shinjuku street

About Shinjuku

With Japan being frequented by earth quakes, there are not many places that large high rise sky scrapers can be built, but a district in…

Japan National Olympic Stadium

National Olympic Stadium

The National Olympic Stadium (sometimes known as the National Kasumigaoka Stadium) is located in Shinjuku and was the main stadium of the 1964 Olympic Games. This…



The Kabukicho (also spelt Kabuki-cho) area in Shinjuku is known as a red-light district; with plenty of hostess bars, pachinko parlours and love hotels lining…

Shinjuku gyoen park

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden was originally a residence of the Naito family; Lord Naito was the feudal lord of the Edo Period. The garden…

Tokyo metropolitan government building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Center

The Shinjuku area has the most skyscrapers in Tokyo, thanks to the area being the most seismically stable area in Tokyo. This makes Shinjuku the…

Only in Japan

Whale Restaurant

There are a few restaurants where you can research what a whale tastes like.