The Hub – British Pub

The Hub is a very popular British themed bar chain which can be found in over 100 locations around the major centres of Japan with several found throughout Tokyo.

The Hub is pretty much what you would expect to find as a British Pub, great beer, food and plenty of cheer. The Hub is very popular after work meeting place for people working away from their home like America, the UK and Australia. A sister brand known as 82 Ale House is very much like the Hub but with a slightly different menu.

The Hub is unique in Japan as they heavily promote their “Cash on Delivery System”. This system is pretty much what you expect of a pub anywhere else in the world, you go and purchase your drinks at the bar, but in Japan the local custom is for table service and a bill at the end of the night. So the Hub system is seen as something a bit odd in Japan and there are several signs around each venue reminding both the locals and the tourists on how to buy a beer.

The Hub and 82 Ale House are usually always found close to the railway station so as long as you don’t have that one too many and miss the last train it is pretty easy to get home from.┬áThe Hub features sports and music TV and there is a great menu of bar snacks and larger meals, not forgetting a great atmosphere to kick back and enjoy a few refreshments with friends.