Disney Resort

Disney Resort

The Tokyo Disney Resort comprises of two theme parks Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea as well as 7 large hotels. Disneyland is styled after Disney’s classic Disneyland in California and first opened in 1983 making Tokyo Disneyland the first Disney park outside the USA.

DisneySea was opened in 2001 comprising a nautical theme the park it is the only Disney park of its type in the world. The Disney resort complex is circled by a monorail that connects the parks and hotels to the JR Maihama Station which is approximately 15 kms from the centre of Tokyo.

Disney Resort


About Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disneyland to be built out of North America and in fact is not owned by Disney, it is actually owned…

disney adventureland

Disneyland – Adventureland

Adventureland is a world of full of excitement with some of the classic Disneyland favourites that the parks have become famous for. Many of the attractions…

Disney American Waterfront

DisneySea – American Waterfront

The American Waterfront brings back the grand old days of America in the early 1900’s. The focal point of this area is the monstrous classic cruise…

disney critter country

Disneyland – Critter Country

If you love boat rides with waving rabbits, then Critter Country is the place for you. Being one of Disneyland’s most elaborate and favourite rides in its…

Disney Arabian Coast

DisneySea – Arabian Coast

Disneysea’s Arabian Coast is a magical land bringing together legends of pirates, Sinbad, genies and the far east. The Arabian detail in this area is…

disney fantasyland

Disneyland – Fantasyland

Fantasyland is where the child comes out in all of us, it’s what Disneyland is all about. With the Castle, the fairy-tales and the flying elephants,…

Disney Lost River Delta

DisneySea – Lost River Delta

The Lost River Delta is a world of adventure, hidden behind a heavily planted jungle awaits mystery and adventure which is certain enthral everyone who…

Disney Mediteranian Harbour

DisneySea – Mediterranean Harbour

The Mediterranean Harbour is near the entrance to the park and is back dropped by the magnificent Miracosta Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. The plazas around this…

disney toontown

Disneyland – Toontown

Toontown is a new world to Disneyland and a lot of fun with lots of wacky and crazy stuff going on in this cartoon adventure…

Disney Mermaid Lagoon

DisneySea – Mermaid Lagoon

Mermaid lagoon is probably the most beautiful and whimsical of all the Disneysea worlds. Much of the attraction is enclosed, or should I say under…

Disney Westernland

Disneyland – Westernland

Westernland is similar to the Frontier land in some of the other Disneyland Parks, it gives a real taste of the wild western days of…

Disney Mysterious Island

DisneySea – Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island is the centrepiece of the DisneySea park, like the Castle is in Disneyland or the giant ball in Epcot or the huge tree…

Disney World Bazzar

Disneyland – World Bazaar

It wouldn’t be a Disneyland without a main street at the entrance to the park with an abundant array of gift shops and restaurants. World…

Disney Port Discovery

DisneySea – Port Discovery

Port Discovery is a little like Tommorowland in Disneyland, where it explores the future and technology. The area is themed in a retro modern Jules…

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