Disneyland – World Bazaar

It wouldn’t be a Disneyland without a main street at the entrance to the park with an abundant array of gift shops and restaurants. World Bazaar recreates the atmosphere of a 1900s small American town and creates a popular meeting place for the thousands of visitors who pass through World Bazaar each week.

Disney World Bazzar

As well as the dozens of restaurants and gift shops World Bazaar is also home to two popular Disney attractions that come straight from yesteryear, the omnibus and the penny arcade. The Omibus is an early 20th century bus that can take visitors on a 6 min spin around the plaza while the penny arcade features coin amusements from yesteryear, and we are not talking about Donkey Kong or Pac Man. The penny arcade features machines such as the kinetoscope and even a few pinball machines.

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