DisneySea – Mediterranean Harbour

The Mediterranean Harbour is near the entrance to the park and is back dropped by the magnificent Miracosta Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. The plazas around this hotel are cafes, restaurants an speciality shops which stock a array of fine products and food.

Disney Mediteranian Harbour

Try Zambini Brother’s Ristorante which is an old winery and a great place for pasta, risotto, wine and Italian fare. Or try Cafe Portofo, a buffetaria which has a lovely view of the harbour. If you would like some fresh continental bread or pastries give Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery a go.

The MiraCosta hotel also has some exquisite dining and views for visitors to the park including Oceano and the Silk Road Garde and for a more casual experience try the BellaVista lounge which is a romantic place for a bite or drink as the sun goes down.

There are a few boat rides to be had in this region of the park. The DisneySea steamer which takes visitors on journeys to the Lost River Delta. There is also Venetian Gondola rides which depart from the Venetian Waterways.

An interesting spot to visit is the Fortress Exploration. This wondrous complex explores the skies with amazing machines and instruments which show the planets and the wonders of the golden age. There is a lovely bar and restaurant also inside Fortress Exploration.

The Renaissance is an authentic recreation of a galleon that was used in the early days of exploration.

The Mediterranean Harbour is also home to the most spectacular of parades all done on water. An amazing Aladdin show is done during the day, with huge colourful barges with smoke, blow up genies and all the favourite characters. Even Mickey and Minnie make a guest appearance.

BraviSEAmo! is the most spectacular Disney display ever! There is nothing else like it in any of the Disney Parks around the world. It is a breathtaking display of water, fire and light. Once the sun goes down magical and spectacular watercraft enter the harbour followed by a display of waterfalls lights and smoke. The harbour erupts in fire and a monstrous mechanical dragon appears out of the harbour breathing fire and fireworks.  This spectacle is an amazing highlight to a fun day at DisneySea.

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