DisneySea – Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island is the centrepiece of the DisneySea park, like the Castle is in Disneyland or the giant ball in Epcot or the huge tree in the Animal Kingdom, the Mount Prometheus Volcano is the focal point of the whole park.

Disney Mysterious Island

This enormous man made structure dwarfs the surrounding area, the detail and craftsmanship of the  mountain is quite spectacular. There are grumbles of volcanic activity heard around the mount and occasional gushes of smoke and even fire. During the spectacular night time BraviSEAmo! show on the Mediterranean harbour the volcano spews fire and ash into the night sky.

Mount Prometheus is actually a ride, Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a spectacular rollercoaster ride through the mountain onboard Captain Nemo’s scientific vehicles. This is one of the busiest rides in the park so it is well worth organising a Fast Pass ticket to avoid a lengthy wait in line.

Inside Mysterious Island is a quiet harbour and home to the 20000 Leagues under the sea. This is a submarine ride which takes visitors down under the sea to see the wonders, there are shipwrecks, giant squid and heaps of animatronic fish. This ride is a vast improvement of the rides of the same namesake in many of the other Disney Parks around the world.

This ride doesn’t actually get wet. The ride is very cleverly designed on a gondola type pod which runs around a track a bit like a monorail. With some clever noises, dome windows filled with bubbles and water the illusion of being underwater is amazingly convincing. There is a Fast Past ticket system on this ride to help you get into the attraction a bit faster.

Nautilis Gifts is a great place to pick up some Mysterious Island merchandise and there’s a lower level where you can pick up a cold beer, or some dumplings. If you are a bit more hungry why not try the Vulcania Restaurant, it’s a buffet inside a geothermal power station setting with a wide selection of Chinese style dishes, there’s also a good selection of wine and beer.

Please note that some of the rides and attractions have height and health restrictions.

DisneySea, all its attractions and characters are part of the Walt Disney Corporation. For more information please visit the official home page www.tokyodisneyresort.co.jp