Hiroden Streetcars

Hiroshima is the only Japanese city with an extensively large streetcar system, known as the Hiroden streetcars they remains to this day as not only an effective means of transportation but also a great tourist attraction.

Hiroden Streetcars

Prior to World War 2 many cities across Japan used streetcars but like in Hiroshima the infrastructure was destroyed during the war.┬áSeeing that Hiroshima was so devastated by the bombing other cities in Japan donated their remaining tram stock to get Hiroshima’s public transport up and running.

Today some of the cars from before the war still make their way daily along Hiroshima’s wide street and they remain one of the most popular ways to get around the city.

The old Hiroden cars have since been supplemented with new rolling stock as well as a new guided bus system known as astram.

A good trip to take on the Hiroden is from Hiroshima Station out to the Miyajima island ferry terminal, this trip would cost you less than 300 yen while a trip around the city would be less than 200 yen.

website (Japanese only) http://www.hiroden.co.jp/