Getting Around Nagoya

Nagoya like most large Japanese cities has an extensive subway and rail system that is operated by several companies.

Getting around Nagoya

Nagoya is connected to Japan’s other major cities by the Shinkasen bullet train that is operated by JR line. JR Line also operate several rail lines around Nagoya along with the private railway companies Meitetsu and Kintetsu. These lines are useful for connecting to outer suburbs or some of Nagoya’s neighboring regions.

The most extensive network across Nagoya is the Nagoya Subway, the subway covers central Nagoya pretty good and also connects to surburban rail providers Meitetsu and Kintetsu at various locations.

The other interesting rail line in Nagoya is the Linimo line, this nine station line was constructed to connect expo 2005 to Higashiyama subway line. Linimo is claimed to be the worlds first commercial automated Maglev train, this means there are no wheels on the train as it floats above the track via the use of magnets. If you are heading to the fantastic Toyota Automobile Museum, jump off the Linimo at Geidaidori Station.