Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry & Technology

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology is a museum in central Nagoya tracing the history of the Toyota company and its innovations.

Toyota commemorative museum of industry and technology

The Toyota company traces its roots back to when Sakichi Toyoda invented an automated power loom in 1897 and went about setting up a weaving company in Nagoya. It is here on the same spot where the weaving business that turned into one of the world’s largest car manufactures has its museum.

The location of the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology is where Sakichi Toyoda set up his Toyoda Automated Loom works in 1911 and the restored building that the museum resides in was first constructed in 1925 and is where Sakichi’s son Kiichiro Toyoda started the automobile offshoot to the company now known as Toyota.

The museum follows the history of both the textile and automotive industry culminating in a hands on technology discovery display showcasing how we interact with technology as well as giving us a glimpse of technology that’s just around the corner.

The museum is located not far from central Nagoya and is a 3 minute walk from Sako Station on Meitetsu’s Nagoya Line or a 10 minute walk from the No. 2 exit of Kamejima Station on the Higashiyama Line of the Nagoya Subway.

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