Bay Area

Osaka Universal City Walk

Formerly a dockside wasteland, the bay area of Osaka has been transformed into a vibrant entertainment district full of fun things to do. The bay area is home to Universal Studios, Japan’s largest aquarium and one of the worlds largest ferris wheels. A large island was also constructed in the area to be the home of various sporting facilities and parks.

Osaka's Bay Area

Osaka Bay Bridge

About the Bay Area

The Osaka bay area has been an important trading place in Japan for more than 1300 years and has also been a major diplomatic and…

Mashima Baseball Stadium

Maishima Sports Island

Built on reclaimed land the 225 hectare Maishma Island is split up into four zones with a zone for sport, one for education, one for…

Osaka Aquarium

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

The Kaiyukan Osaka Aquarium is one of the most impressive aquariums in the world, offering a glimpse of some incredible sea creatures rarely seen by…

Tempozan Harbour Village

Tempozan Harbour Village

Not far from Universal Studios is the Tempozan Harbour Village, that is a modern waterfront shopping and entertainment area situated around 20 minutes from Osaka’s…

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan

Opened in 2001 Universal Studios Japan is one of Osaka’s most popular attractions. Styled after the Universal Studios in Orlando and Los Angeles it features many…

Osaka Cosmo Tower

Cosmo Tower

Cosmo Tower or WTC (World Trade Centre) Cosmo Tower as it was formerly known, is western Japan’s tallest building and the second tallest in Japan, standing…