Museum of Housing and Living

The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living might sound like a strange name for a museum, but this is one of the most innovating museums in Japan. It has some amazing detailed displays that bring back the streetscapes of Osaka from days gone by. The museum has painstakingly recreated entire streets which really show what life was like in the past.

Museum of Housing and Lliving

The Museum of Housing and Living, or Osaka Kurashi no Konjakukan as it is known, has some fascinating displays including dioramas from different periods in time. In fact there is a model of the entire city of Osaka during the Edo period.

One of the first displays of the museum is a full size reproduction of an 1830’s street scene. This life size replica lets you walk around and experience what life in Osaka was like way back then. You can then trace the history forward towards today via the many interactive models that show the changes that Osaka has undergone from ancient to modern times. It is fascinating to see and learn how Osaka has become one of the great cities of Asia.

The museum is located at 6-4-20 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku and is accessible by train by going to the Tenjinbashi 6-chome Station on the Tanimachi or Sakisuji subway lines. The museum is not that well signposted but is located on the 8th floor of the building above exit 3 of the Tenjinbashi 6-chome station. A lengthy undercover shopping street known as Tenjinbashi also starts alongside this station and is well worth a visit while in the area.  The museum is usually closed on Tuesdays and the day after national holidays and some Mondays.

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