Nakanoshima is a small island sandwiched between the rivers known as the Dojima-gawa and the Tosabori-gawa in central Osaka. Nakanoshima is home to much of the city’s cultural and administration buildings.


Nakonoshima is home to many of the city’s municipal offices, newspapers, banks and larger companies plus being host of the art museum, science museum, public halls and other public cultural centres all set among a green oasis on the banks of the two rivers.

The green Nakonoshima-koen park is actually the first park ever built in Osaka. This small park is a great place to escape the fast city life with some beautiful trees and a rose garden containing roses from all over the world on display.

The Osaka Municipal Oriental Porcelain Museum is well worth a visit with over 2000 items on display with fine porcelain from Japan, China and Korea on show. Another family favorite is the Science Museum whose planetarium boasts the worlds biggest dome screen. The planetarium uses Omni-Max technology to display the universe on its huge screen.

Another fascinating museum is the Pharmaceutical and History museum and the Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation. The latter is like a science museum with plenty of fun for the whole family.  Those wanting to see some magnificent fine art, Osaka’s fine art gallery is also located in the park featuring some classic neo-renaissance and other classic art styles.

A great photo opportunity at night is the beautiful 100 year old plus Municipal Library and public hall they are on the eastern edge of the island.