About Minami

Minami in Japanese means south, so the suburb of Minami is basically South Osaka. Minami is home to Namba Station and huge entertainment and shopping districts.

Minami Street
The Minami area includes the American inspired Amerika Mura Village, the Den Den Town Electronics town and the canal precinct along Dotonbori River which at night resembles Las Vegas with its huge neon and video walls. The long covered street of Shinsaibashi-suji stretches several blocks from the Dotombori area to Shinsaibashi station, here everything from 100Yen shops to high fashion boutiques can be found lining the busy walkway.

Minimi is also home to the National Bunraku Theatre, A traditional form of Japanese puppet theatre that originated in Osaka.

If you want electronics, fashion, food or fun then Minami has it all. There are thousands of shops ranging from small boutiques to huge department stores along with restaurants selling every conceivable food. Minami has a fantastic range of entertainment too, from bars to pachinko and electronic game parlours, there is plenty to choose from. If all the shopping and fun gets a bit too much you can also stop off for a rest at one of the area’s famous love hotels.

Only in Japan

bus dog

Japanese Bus Stops can often be sign posted with cute characters.