Ceramics have been part of Japanese culture and life for centuries and are probably Japan’s oldest art form. Ceramics have been found dating back to the Neolithic period of around 11000 BC.

Japanese Ceramics

Today, Japanese ceramics rate amongst the most sought after in the world, especially the magnificent ceramics made in Kyoto. There are ceramics for all tastes and price ranges and they are immensely popular items for souvenirs and gifts. The ceramic tea bowls, which form part of the traditional tea ceremonies, are amongst the most popular, but the range of ceramic products is incredible.

Other popular purchases are ceramic sake bottles, attractive bowls, dishes and beautiful glazed vases and ornaments. There is no shortage of places to buy genuine Japanese pottery. Japan is home to over 100 pottery centres, and there are many specialty shops, art shops, gift shops and even department stores usually have an excellent range.

There are many different styles of Japanese Pottery; they usually are distinct to a certain area. Bizen Ware is extremely popular and is produced in Inbe, which is in the Okayama Prefecture. Home to about 30,000 people, Inbe is where the Bizen Yaki Matsur annual pottery festival is held on the third weekend of October.

You can expect to pay anything you like for pottery, from a few hundred yen to three to four million yen just for a tea ceremony bowl. You will have no problem finding something to suit your tastes and your budget.

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