Asakusa Map

Below is a map of Asakusa with the major attractions numbered. Asakusa sits just outside the loop of the Yamanote Line one suburb over from Ueno. The Ginza line of the Tokyo Metro is probably the best bet to get to Asakusa if you get off at Asakusa Station you can check out the nearby Asahi beer headquarters, Senso-ji Temple and walk up to the kitchen district of Kappanbashi-Dori. You could then return via the Ginza line at Tawaramachi Station.

A Asahi Beer Headquarters
B Kappanbashi Dori

C Senso-ji Temple
D 5 Story Pagoda
E Hozomon
F Kaminarimon
G Hanayashiki Amusement Park
H Tokyo Honganji Temple
I Asakusa Entertainment Hall

Train Stations and services in area (Pins 1 to 2)

Asakusa Station (1)

Isesaki Line

Asakusa Line

Tokyo Metro:
Ginza Line

Tawaramachi Station (2)

Tokyo Metro:
Ginza Line

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Only in Japan

Warm and tasty corn soup in a can can be purchased at many street vending machines.