Palette Town

Palette town (sometimes mistranslated to pallet town) is a massive complex that is more than just a shopping centre. Its towering Ferris wheel, known as Daikanransha, can be seen all across Odaiba, signalling to visitors that Palette town is a fun place to be.

Palette Town

Palette town is made up of several attractions with a large shopping centre known as Venus Fort. Venus Fort was opened in 1999 and is designed to look like 17th century Europe, there even is an artificial sky painted on the roof that transforms the sky from day to night regularly. Venus Fort’s decor has many similarities with that of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Coincidently, Venus Fort also features a casino.

Just below Venus Fort is the shopping centre known as Sun Walk, the interesting thing about Sun Walk is that it features a collection of shops catering to the pet lover. You can get a makeover for your pet at a pet hairdresser, stop for a feed at a pet friendly Dog Cafe or even hire a dog for an hour to take him for a walk. It sounds strange but hiring a dog is popular with the locals that may not have a large apartment and not much room for pets.

Other attractions that make up Palette town include the Toyota Mega Web technology showcase, leisure-land fun parlour and the live entertainment venue, Zepp Tokyo.

Palette town is situated in the middle of Odaiba and is easily accessible via Aomi Station (U10) on the Yurikamome Line rail that goes from Shimbashi to Odaiba along the Rainbow Bridge.

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