Zojoji Temple

Zojoji temple is a Buddhist temple located in Shiba just south east of Roppongi. The temple dates back to the 1300s but moved to its present location in 1590. Much of the temple was damaged during World War II but has since been restored to its former glory.

Zojoji Temple

The Zojoji Temple has had a rich history; it even served as the personal shrine to the Tokugawa shoguns who ruled Japan during the Edo period.

At the entrance to the temple is the Sangedatsu Gate, this building was built in 1622 and is possible the oldest structure in Japan as it survived World War II intact. Today the gate and temple are both classed as national treasures.

The Zojoji Temple sits just below the Tokyo Tower; an Eiffel Tower inspired TV transmission tower. Zojoji and the Tokyo Tower are only a short walk to the entertainment district of Roppongi.

Zojoji Temple is only a few minutes away on foot from Akabanebashi Station (E21) on the Toei Oedo Line or about 5 minutes walk from Kamiyacho Station (H05) on the Hibiya Subway Line. To get to Zojoji there from the JR’s Yamanote Line, you would need to swap to the Toei Oedo Line at Daimon Station (E20), this station is opposite the Yamanote’s Hamamatsucho Station. Alternatively swap at Ebisu (H02) to the Hibiya Line bound for Kamiyacho.

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