Shiodome is a new suburb right in the centre of Tokyo bordering the Ginza district. Once the site of a rail yard this area has undergone a transformation in recent years and is now home to skyscrapers and the offices of some of Japan’s biggest companies.

In the middle of all the skyscrapers is the faithful reconstruction of Japan’s first railway station, Shimbashi Station. Beside this is the National Center where you can check out all the high tech products made by National Panasonic or the Shiodome Museum in the same building, next door is the Caretta Shiodome, a large shopping centre, food court also housing the Dentsu Advertising Museum.



About Shiodome

One of the newest precincts in Tokyo, Shiodome was entirely built after the year 2000. Once a derelict railway yard it is now a city…


Shiodome Map

Below is a Map of Shiodome with the major attractions numbered. You will note the huge Shimbashi station is at the left of the map, this…

Old Shimbashi Station

Shimbashi Station

Old Shimbashi Station (also spelt Shinbashi) is the original point where Japan’s first railway terminated. The original station was built in the late 1800’s but…

Panasonic living showroom

Panasonic Living Showroom

The Panasonic Living Showroom (formerly known as the National Panasonic Centre) is a showcase of the many varied household products that are made by Panasonic….

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blue octopus

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