Shiodome Map

Below is a Map of Shiodome with the major attractions numbered. You will note the huge Shimbashi station is at the left of the map, this is where the Yurikamome train starts before heading throught Shiodome over to Odaiba. The Yurikamome is an elevated system that is fully automated. It uses rubber tuers on a concrete track rather than tradionals rails. Ginza is situated North East of this map.

National Panasonic Centre
B Old Shimbashi Station (Historic Building)
C Tsukiji Fish Markets
Hamarikyu Gardens

Train Stations and services in area (Pins 1 to 3)

Shimbashi Station (1)

JR East:
Keihin-Tōhoku Line
Tōkaidō Main Line
Yamanote Line
Yokosuka Line

Tokyo Metro:
Ginza Line

Asakusa Line


Yurikamome Shimbashi (2)

Yurikamome Shiodome (3)

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Only in Japan

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