Travel Tips

Japan travel tips

Travelling to an unfamiliar country is always daunting, especially if you don’t know the language. Japan can seem difficult at first for the first time visitor, but once you get settled you can find it is a pretty easy place to get around.

We present you the following travel tips so you can get the most out of your Japanese holiday.

Travel Tips

Affordable Japan

Affordable Japan

Japan and particularly Tokyo has a reputation of being an extremely expensive city, and sometimes it can be. You can spend hundreds of dollars on…

Love Hotel

Types of Accommodation

Not only does Japan get lots of international visitors, but the Japanese also love to travel. This has provided an enormous market of accommodation types,…

Citibank Japan ATM

ATM’s & Credit Cards

One would think with the amount of cutting edge technology and the millions of vending machines in Japan plastic bank cards would be all the…

Japan Convenience Store

Convenience Stores

The local convenience store or Konbini as they are called, is one of the most useful stores in Japan for that quick purchase or service,…

Tokyo tax free shop

Customs and Duty Free

When entering Japan you must fill out a customs declaration about the items you are bringing into the country. These forms are usually handed out…

koban box

Medical and Emergencies

At the time of writing, no immunisations were required for visitors to enter Japan and there a no major illnesses or diseases out of the…

kobe earthquake memorial park

Earthquake and Tsunami survival

As we saw in Kobe in January of 1995 and more recently north of Tokyo in March of 2011, catastrophic earthquakes and tsunami are a…

100 yen coins


Japan’s currency is called the Yen, and depending on exchange rate fluctuations is approximately exchanged at around $1.20 US for 100 Yen, $1.20 Australian for…

Japan payphone


It doesn’t take long for visitors to Japan to realise that the Japanese love their mobile phone technology. They are on sale everywhere and just…

Japanese power plug

Power and Electronics

There are a few things you may want to know when travelling to Japan, especially if you intend to take some of your electronic gadgets, or even…

Only in Japan

Welcome Sign

Lots of shops use friendly characters to welcome you inside.